Simple Payment System (SPS)

Is one of our flagship products and our payments gateway. It facilitates payments and can assist clients to send money to a bank account, mobile money wallet or make remittances.

Mobile money integration

Helps integrate your business-to-mobile money providers to both receive and make payments to and from your customers

Pycs Suite

  • Mobile Banking Solution: The product  traditionally targets SACCOs, but the solution is  highly customizable to whatever unique  requirements the customer has.
  • Bulk Messaging & USSD: Our seamless  behavior-triggered messaging and USSD  gateway that provides for sending of Bulk SMS, Short codes, SMS payment reminders,  Scheduled & repeating SMS, Downloadable SMS  delivery, Billing reports, Personalized SMS marketing , SMS Group Messaging and Analytics  – in real time.
  • Payments: A PYCS solution that allows for the electronic sending and receiving of funds through mobile money transfers and bank transfers.

Mobile Lending Platform

This is our digital banking solution that targets digital banks and credit only institutions, with additional features such as utility bills’ payment, merchant payments and airtime purchases.


Is an innovative product to support and automate online and cloud based payment gateways for institutions of all sizes. The innovation is a one-stop shop solution, offering a range of services to diverse clients and market ranges centrally on one platform.

Zamupay’s competitive edge includes fast processing of transactions, improved user interface, enhanced stability and security as well as enabling multi-country transactions from one point.


We are an established financial technology company that offers solutions in banking, remittance, integration and financial innovation to Telcos, Banks, SACCOs, Corporates and other Fintechs under the following key service areas:




Bank account transfers


Single & Bulk payments


Mobile banking & lending solutions


International remittanceS


Merchants collection & Aggregation


Our long term business growth strategy is driven by meaningful actions aligned to our priorities and focus. We have identified enablers that guide how we deliver and capture value.

We prioritize security above everything. We operate at the highest level of security standards as guided by the PCI/DSS Security Standards Council.

Through optimization of our systems and well-designed processing gateways, we ensure reliable and highly available systems to ensure service to all at all times.

We are constantly exploring, testing and adding new features, so we can provide our customers with the best possible toolsets. By the time you see this message, all our systems will have morphed.

Through the click of a button or API call, you can quickly execute various transaction types, accurately within the shortest time possible.

We readily have APIs for 3rd party integrations making integration comfortable and easy with minimal effort.

We pride ourselves in the ability to provide round-the-clock support to all our customers with short SLAs of less than 5 minutes.


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