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Kenya has one of the most robust and dynamic SACCO (Savings & Credit Cooperatives) sub-sectors in Africa and indeed, the world. Over the years, SACCOs have grown to become key intermediators in the financial services space, celebrated for their role as mobilizers of savings and providers of affordable credit to many.

With most SACCOs moving from pure BOSA (Back Office Service Activity) to what is popularly known as FOSA (Front Office Service Activity) operations, many of them are now able to receive deposits from their members and have them access the same on demand. In essence, many SACCOs (at least 172 in Kenya, currently) are banks in all but name, offering the full portfolio of banking services.

In such a context, the need for secure, efficient and convenient transactions by members is critical. This can be achieved through the installation of robust and integrated technological platforms that can serve members seamlessly, 24/7, while protecting the SACCOs from the risks that come with their role as custodians of members’ funds.



PYCS offers the following range of services to elevate SACCOs’ service provision to their members:

bulk sms

Bulk SMS

mobile banking

Mobile banking

Mobile payments

Payments (Bank transfers & Mobile money)

Bulk SMS

This is an online SMS gateway that enables SACCOs to send a single or multiple SMS straight to a member/client’s mobile device.

From transactional to promotional messaging, SACCOs can utilize this service to improve their outcomes.

They are also able to reduce their operational costs, be it transactional SMS or promotional messages via our user-friendly web interface or via API for direct integration to the SACCO’s systems.

bulk SMS
mobile banking

Mobile Banking

Designed to meet the dynamic client base of SACCOs, the PYCS’ mobile banking solution utilizes modern technology to deliver secure, efficient & convenient services by simplifying operations and delivering enhanced service to the customers. SACCO customers can use the solution for:

  • Account to M-PESA transfers
  • Real-time M-PESA deposits to a SACCO account
  • Balance Inquiries & Mini statements
  • Mobile Loans
  • Bank Transfers via Pesalink & EFT
  • Airtime purchase
  • Utility Bill payments e.g. KPLC, TV, Water among others.

Payments (Bank transfers & Mobile Money)

SACCO clients can send and receive funds through Bank Transfers (Pesalink, RTGS, and EFT etc.) and Mobile Money Networks (M-PESA, Airtel Money etc.).

In addition, SACCOs looking to automate and increase efficiency in payment processing and management can easily integrate their system to our secure payments gateway to make and receive real-time single or bulk payments. The following payment types are supported:

  • Pay Bill integration
  • Single and bulk M-PESA disbursements
  • Single and bulk bank account transfers
  • Airtime Purchases
  • Utility Bill payments and integrations
mobile payments

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