Mobile Money Integration

Mobile Money Integration (Zamupay)


Zamupay is your opportunity to power your growth!

The Zamupay platform is designed to eliminate growth bottlenecks associated with payment processing, empowering organizations and entrepreneurs regardless of the growth stage they are in to scale up to new heights. Zamupay, therefore, is your catalyst for growth.

We have created a digital payment platform that not only solves the typical payment challenges but also enables borderless transactions for diverse organizations such as International Money Transfer Companies, Corporates, and Merchants, substantially improving their efficiency in making online and offline payments.

The Zamupay innovation is a one-stop-shop solution, offering a range of services to a diverse client range on a single platform.



Zamupay’s secure, stable and reliable online payments platform for global institutions and businesses offers:


Bank Transfer

With Zamupay, you can send money directly to bank accounts i.e. We support Pesalink, RTGS, EFT etc.


Withdraw your funds to your preferred accounts: Mobile money & Bank Accounts

Mobile Money

Zamupay helps you pay your suppliers, vendors through mobile money networks like Mpesa, MTN, Vodacom, Tigo

Utility Payments

Zamupay understands that Bills are a part of a business and we are here to help with that. You can pay for your utility bills such as Electricity, Water, Internet and even Statutory Bills.


We enable your business receive payments from multiple channels: Mpesa & Bank TransfersReceive money from your clients

Mobile Money Integration

We pride ourselves with our API Specification that enables easy integration between mobile money providers and organizations that want to interface with these providers

Why Choose Zamupay

Flexibility of Payments

‘Start accepting and making payments anywhere, anytime’. Zamupay helps solve the inflexibility in payments because of its one-stop platform.

Merchants and other corporate organizations are able to enhance their customer experience through Zamupay’s easy sign-up and easy-to-use payments platform. It takes a few minutes from signing up to receiving/making payments.

One-stop Shop Convenience

A Zamupay customer does not have to access multiple platforms for their payments needs. Once registered, a customer has access to all their payment needs on the go, using one unified platform.

Phenomenal Transaction Success Rates

We automatically direct payments through the most optimal channels, supporting the highest transaction success rates and the fastest processing times in the market.

Integration of Payment Experience

The platform has flexible APIs such that Zamupay customers can integrate their business with it to activate payments. In addition, the platform supports manual initiation of payments via a web portal as well as integration with online shopping carts.

Advanced Fraud Detection

The Zamupay platform has a combination of automated fraud system monitoring tools that proactively flag high-risk activity, detect illegitimate transactional behavior online and provides alerts and analysis tools for your relevant personnel.


Access to multi-currency, multiple payments, and multiple market options: We understand that your businesses must continue operating seamlessly from wherever they are located. With Zamupay, you enjoy seamless multicounty, multi-channel transactions through our multi-currency-enabled platform.

In addition, Zamupay supports multiple payment options and your customers can pay you through Card, Bank Transfer, USSD, Visa QR, Mobile Money, etc.

Virtual Terminal

Zamupay has a secure web link that supports payment tokenization in addition to allowing customers to process card payments online.

Stable API

Zamupay offers a secure and stable API gateway, supporting multiple payment types as well as multiple countries for our customers’ consumption.


What Our Clients Say

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