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The financial ecosystem in Kenya continues to experience transformation thanks to evolving finance technology. While local and foreign remittances used to be a challenge for many, fintech solutions come with great features that make cash transfers easier.

However, PYCS has established an array of tech solutions that have not only impacted the Kenyan finance market but also across the World. Ranging from corporates, SACCOs, Banks, and other financial players, PYCS fintech solutions are a game-changer in the financial World.

Here is how PYCS has revolutionized the finance market around the World!

Bulk Payment

Managing bulk transactions has never been easy for most players in the finance sector. With Pi capitals software payment solutions, you can safely transfer huge amounts of money across various platforms.

Whether you want to transfer a bulk amount to a mobile wallet, Sacco, or bank account, you can simply integrate pi capitals software systems to transfer cash with ease.

International Remittances

International cash transfers are not only costly but time-consuming. As such, PYCS software payment solutions aim to bridge the gap by offering a quick cheap, and seamless cash transfer process.

Regardless of your location around the World, you can easily send cash to mobile wallets and bank accounts to relatives and friends in a country of your choice. This is in addition to offering an API to the money transfer company to enable them to send transfer instructions automatically.

B2B Cash Transfers

B2B remittances are made easier thanks to the PYCS payment software system. The technology enables customers to move money directly from their bank accounts to mpesa, Till, agent, or paybil for quick transactions. This makes it easier for customers who want to purchase products or services to easily move funds to facilitate quick transactions.

Processing Check Payment

Check payment require validation to approve the payment.AS such, PYCS uses a cheque truncation application that helps in processing received cheques in real-time. The KBA standards-compliant system confirms cheques that need to be paid by showing an image of a cheque that needs to be paid or not. This makes it easier in processing cheque payments by getting rid of lengthy processing periods. In that case, it helps save time in managing cheque transactions.

Micro Lending Solutions

PYCS has a robust software solution that makes it easier for lenders to borrow money straight from their mobile devices. While repayment can easily be done through mpesa, the PYCS micro-lending system comes with great features that can easily be accessed via a USSD code, web, or a downloadable mobile application.

Mpesa Float Management

If you are struggling to manage your mpesa float, then PYCS offers a perfect solution. The mpesa software system enables mpesa merchants to manage all their floats held by agents. This ensures money can easily be tracked and transferred to a bank account in real-time.

Additionally, PYCS mpesa payment system provides end-to-end safety for all mpesa floats by making it easier to transfer huge amounts with ease to different bank accounts. That way, you not only protect your investment but also track your investment.

Final Thoughts

The advent of fintech technology has greatly revolutionized operations in the finance sector. Unlike earlier when international remittances took days while accessing loans was limited to banks and SACCOs, emerging trends in the financial sector have made it easier not only n accessing funds but also in sending money to friends.

Whether you are a bank, Sacco or a, a merchant looking for ways of moving funds with ease, it’s high time you collaborate with PYCS for a quick solution.

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