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In a highly competitive industry with over 40 players, technology-driven points of interface between bank and customer are not just an option; they are an imperative.

This is especially true in Africa, where an increasingly younger population is progressively moving bank transactions from the traditional banking hall to other points of contact: the desktop, the laptop, and even hand-held devices like mobile phones.

Banks need to be adequately prepared for these shifts in their core clientele, by procuring the best available technology. Most importantly, and given the custodial and fiduciary role banks play, the adopted technological interface must have the highest forms of efficiency and integrity. It must also be able to operate seamlessly, be scalable, and always on, as bank customers are looking for convenience, simplicity, and speed in their transactions, 24/7.

However, customers do not deposit only money in banks. They deposit something which is equally valuable to them; personal data. As banks frontload contact-less, technology-driven points of interface such as mobile and internet banking, especially in a post-Covid-19 world, they must seek solutions that protect consumer data from the ever-present specter of data theft and other inherent risks.

Our solution not only provides banks and other financial services the platform to integrate their applications for a secure, easy and fast processing of transactions; we also ensure your security and that of your customers by always striving for global standards of compliance and practice in payments and data management.


The PYCS Bulk Payment Management Solution offers a secure, easy and fast processing of transactions. Send and receive funds through Bank Transfers (Pesalink, RTGS, and EFT etc.) and Mobile Money Networks (M-PESA, Airtel Money, etc.). Banks can easily integrate their systems to our secure payments gateway to make and receive real-time single or bulk payments. The solution supports the following payment types:

paybill integration

Pay Bill integration

mpesa bulk

Single and bulk M-PESA disbursements

bulk bulk

Single and bulk bank account transfers

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