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Africa has a huge diaspora population. Remittances from this segment of the population is a major source of cash for both national and household socio-economic development. Latest data from the Central Bank of Kenya, for instance, indicates that Kenyans living and working abroad braved post COVID-19 blues to increase their remittances home by 10.7 percent to a record US$3,094 million last year (2020)!

When Africans working and are otherwise economically engaged abroad send money back home to their families, both sender and recipient need utmost assurance that the money so sent will be received fast, securely and with the sender having to foot an affordable fee.

We have innovated and come up with the right solutions to ensure that this objective is achieved on each transaction, each remittance. Our innovative solutions are seamlessly integrated with banking systems both internationally and in the recipient countries. This ensures that the money sent from abroad gets into the right bank account or mobile wallet, in real time, to power the growth of our continent and our people. The PYCS IMT solution is currently operational in Kenya, Tanzania, Liberia and Ghana, offering payment integration of mobile transfers and bank transfers. Our IMT solution supports multiple transactions types under a single integration.



> Simple Payment System
> Mobile Money Integration
> Mobile Banking Solution
> Mobile Lending
> Bulk Messaging & USSD
> Digital Payment Gateway


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